Merchant Aadhaar Pay

Merchant Aadhaar Pay:
Yet another digital payment mode that is gaining popularity amongst merchants.

Salient features-

1. Application for merchants that eases making payment by customer to merchant

2. Any bank customer having at least one account linked to his Aadhaar can make payment to the merchant by just putting his/her thumb impressions on a biometric device that is provided by bank to the merchant

3. Per transaction limit of Rs2000/-

4. Merchant gets the credit of transaction immediately upon authentication of customer's biometrics

5. No rental for the biometric device till October as instructed by govt

6. No MDR on the transaction amount till October as instructed by govt

7.Merchant should be our customer and having android mobile handset with data

Merchant Aadhaar Pay enrolment link

Merchant Aadhaar Pay transaction link

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