Portfolios of Deputy Governors

Consequent on the appointment of Shri Swaminathan Janakiraman as Deputy Governor, the following will be the portfolios of the Deputy Governors with effect from June 26, 2023:

Name Departments
Dr. M.D. Patra 1. Co-ordination
2. Corporate Strategy and Budget Department
3. Department of Economic and Policy Research
4. Department of Statistics and Information Management
5. Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation
6. Financial Markets Operations Department
7. Financial Markets Regulation Department
8. Financial Stability Department
9. International Department
10. Monetary Policy Department
11. Secretary’s Department
Shri M. Rajeshwar Rao 1. Department of Regulation
2. Department of Communication
3. Enforcement Department
4. Legal Department
5. Risk Monitoring Department
Shri T Rabi Sankar 1. Central Security Cell
2. Department of Currency Management
3. Department of External Investments & Operations
4. Department of Government and Bank Accounts
5. Department of Information Technology
6. Department of Payment and Settlement Systems
7. Fintech Department
8. Foreign Exchange Department
9. Human Resource Management Department
10. Internal Debt Management Department
11. Right to Information (RIA) Division
Shri Swaminathan J 1. Consumer Education and Protection Department
2. Department of Supervision
3. Financial Inclusion and Development Department
4. Inspection Department
5. Premises Department
6. Rajbhasha Department

Source: rbi.org.in

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