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SBI PO Interview Question

SBI recruits probationary officers based on three stage recruitment and they are prelims, mains and GD/PI. While a prelim is a qualifying examination, the marks of the mains and interview will be taken into consideration for preparing the final merit list. This makes it important for the candidates to focus on this last stage of recruitment. The group discussion cum interview is of 50 marks out of which GD is of 20 marks and the rest of the marks is allotted to the personal interview. You need to qualify in both of these separately and then only, you can think of making it to the largest commercial bank of the country.

Some very important SBI PO Interview question which you can prepare for the forthcoming Interview 2018:

  • tell me about yourself
  • What's the meaning of your name
  • You are required to be fully prepared for a justified answer in case of Gap in studies/Job
  • what is your birth place and family background related questions
  • why you want to be a Probationary officer. why not a clerk?
  • what is your log term and short term goal (aim)
  • tell me about your strength and weakness
  • What type of people you find tough to work with.
  • What kind of people you like to work with.
  • what you think about sbi po salary
  • What will you do if you do not qualify in the Interview.
  • what is FDI, economics crisis
  • what GDP NNP or national income
  • some question may be related with the SBI. Ensure that you visit the website of SBI & Its products.
  • what is black money
  • what is corruption and how you can stop it?
  • what is direct or indirect tax
  • what is VAT
  • tell me about finance commission
  • tell me the full form of NITI commission
  • what is GST?
  • Will GST Impact Indian Economy Adversely?
  • What will be the Impact of Federal Interest Rate Rise on Global Economy?
  • How Crude Oil & Gold are related to Dollar?
  • What are NPA (Non-Performing Assets) ?
  • Mention some of the steps taken by RBI to tackle NPA. (Clue - Joint Lending Forum(JLF), Strategic Debt Restructuring (SDR), Prompt Corrective Action (PAC), 5/25 Restructuring etc )
  • What is Disinvestment ? What is the Objective of it?
  • Recently there has been merger of SBI & its associate Banks alongwith BMB. How do anticipate Merger of Banks and whether it will be meaningful.
  • What is the interest rate on SBI & other Nationalised Banks?
  • What is retail lending? & why it is important for the Bank?
  • What is the Punchline of SBI?

Here are some useful Tips from : How to prepare for the SBI PO GD-PI?

For Interview-
1. Brush up your academics.
2. Read and make many questions from your biodata/DAF.
3. Search extensively about your home town, favourite subjects, hobbies, extra curriculars.
4. Read newspaper for current affairs, social topics etc.
5. Read banking current and basics.
6. Join good coaching for interview preparation like Career Quest.
For GD- 
1. Practice if you have used to do debates, GD in school and college.
2. Prepare some current topics, be prepared for any topic.
3. Take help of your friends and interview teacher.
4. Join good coaching for GD preparation like Career Quest.

5. Read newspaper.

What topics SBI give for actual GD?

SBI is good in conducting good GD. One of the topic was “some rituals and customs are keeping India backward and some individuals and organizations are taking undue advantage of it”. Another topic was "My mother". One of the Career Quest student said that his group got the topic "Judicial activism". Another candidate faced subject “Is remixing good for Indian music?”

What to do during GD?

1. Try to initiate the GD in both rounds.
2. Speak only relevant points.
3. Good 8-9 points are sufficient to impress board members.
4. Maintain eye contact with other members.
5. Be confident and give clarity.

SBI PO actual interview experience- 

1. Interview board was very cordial.
2. They can ask questions about GD experience, strengths, weaknesses etc.
3. They can ask on current topics like AFSPA, Naxalism, Iraq etc.
4. If you are girl, they can ask you women related topic/issue.
5. Basic banking terms.

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