Experiences of Various Participants – SBI PO GD-Interview September 2017 & 2016

Experiences of Various Participants – SBI PO GD-Interview September 2017 & 2016

SBI PO Group Exercise & Personal Interview Experience 2017
Last year SBI introduced a prioritization based group exercise which is also being conducted this year in the Group Discussion Round. Interview experiences can help you get an insight of the difficulty level, environment and types of questions being asked in SBI PO 2017 Group Exercise and Interview Round. Keep on reading to understand the experience of Chandrakant Shukla. (Source: Banker's Adda)
I attended SBI PO GD/PI at Lucknow center on 09/09/2017. After reaching the venue they conducted biometrics followed by document verification which was followed by the start of Group Discussion.

GD Topic- "Is allowing FDI in retail sector good or bad for India?"

Gave 5 minutes for writing points.gave 20 min for discussion.(group had 8 candidates). Group Discussion can be a tensed situation for some, but with confidence and clarity of thought, one can easily score in this phase. It is important to maintain the decorum of the session and avoid being too loud. Put forth your views and opinions firmly best backed by figures or facts and also let your fellow group members voice their opinions.

Group Exercise - What are the qualities you would like to have in your spouse?

Group Exercise is performed after the discussion. In this group, exercise candidates were given a set of few qualities/ attributes/ traits/ parameters which they had to prioritize according to their understanding of the topic/ situation/ thinking ability.
  • Good looks
  • Pleasing personality
  • Education
  • Family background
  • Employment
  • Adjusting with new family
  • Dowry
  • Rich family

Personal Interview

There were 5 persons in the panel. One Lady and 4 Men. I entered the room wished everyone. They asked me to sit and I said thank you, sir.

M1: You are from Ramnagar. What is the distance between Ramnagar and Allahabad?

M1: Suppose that You are appointed as branch manager in a metropolitan city and you have to expand bank business. What will u do??
I told him about plan and operations. He told that you are correct but you just missed one more point and then he explained it.

M1: From where you have passed class 10th and 12th?

M1: Why there is a negative growth in bhadohi carpet industry??( I have passed class 10th from bhadohi)
Told him about lack of investment, infrastructure, machines etc. He explained by adding few more points regarding the change in market taste.

M2: So, you have done b.tech from which branch??
M2: what were you doing after graduation?? Why you have not appeared in any placement drive??
I told him that I was preparing for the Banking sector exams. I also told him that I have attended IBPS PO, Syndicate PO interview but was not able to get in final list and also about bank of Baroda PO interview whose result is awaited.

Then Handed over to the next panelist.

F1: Tell me about your strength and weakness at least two??

I told them about my strength and weakness and they started laughing at my weakness as it was the first time they heard something like that.

M3: Tell me in brief about U.P.?? How many districts U.P. have??
M3: Name the district which has highest no. Of tehsil??
I told sorry sir, I don't know. He said it's ok.

M4: name some acts which are applied on bank??
I told him about rbi act 1934, banking regulation act, 1949 and then told him that i am not able to recall more. They all said it's ok.

Don't know what will happen next but overall it was a nice experience.

We present here below the Experiences of various Candidates who appeared for SBI PO GD & Interview which Commenced September 1st, 2016 for the Guidance and Information of the SBI PO Aspirants. We hope it will be a guiding factor for all.

Please be guided accordingly when going for GD and Interview:-

Abhay Chauhan:
My sbi po interview review
My interview schedule:-
Date-1st Sept
Time -8 AM -panel-1
Qualification-MCA,VIT Vellore
Dress code(mine)-full sleeve shirt( white-blue ),formal pant(navy blue),black shoe,white socks,black belt,blue tie.
I reached the venue at 7.30 feeling very excited ,And the staff members sent us into a room where the document  verification process was to be held. Documentation process was cool but there were so many students who didn't have correct credentials but the staff was really fantastic and cooperative. If you forgot to carry any particular document, then you needed to sign an undertaking letter to produce it within 10 days.All of them were allowed to the GD/PI by the authorities.

After the verification was done,we were asked to go to the room(fully air-conditioned)where the GD is going to he held. Exactly at 9:30 .we made to sit in the room. Everyone was present in our panel and very friendly too. BOARD members arrived at 9:35 and all were 40-45yrs.The board consisted of 4 gentlemen and 1 senior lady

The head of the board member greeted us morning and congratulated us all for reaching this far by clearing all other stages. They were kind and were also observing everyone.

I was assigned number 1.
2- rows(8+7)
And finally the GD started with few rules and regulations that a candidate has to follow.
(i) Just 3 minutes were allotted to every person for talking.
(ii) 15 mins was allotted for open discussion among all the candidates.
GD topic:-Public Sector Banks are the backbone of Indian rural economy since private sector banks solely focus on profit maximization
Being a interesting topic, many of us spoke well but some fumbled during the discussion. They called us one by one to the interview room. My entry was scheduled at 11:05 AM(1st candidate).I entered the room gently after taking permission. They all looked calm and composed, which helped my tension vanish.

Me : Good afternoon mam,good afternoon sirs
M1 : Okay take your seat
Me : thank you sir
F1 : pankaj Ji aap banking sector m kyu aana chahte...aap kabhi Mumbai jayea aur modeling kijea (smiling)
Me : Thank you madam
F1 : Apne baare m kuch btaye
Me : Answered very well
M1: Aapne Vellore institute of technology se MCA kiya h very gd...tell me something about Vellore.
Me : Answered
M2 : Aapke parents kis bank m posted h n kis post pe
Me : Answered
M2 : MNC kyu nhi join kiye
Me : Answered he satisfied
F1 : phle kabhi interview diye h aap aur kis post k liye
Me : Answered all
M3 : aapne gd m banking ombudsman ko v discuss kiya...kya h wo
Me : Answered n he is smiling
M3 : c++ ko define kijea
Me : Answered
M3 : Father of computer
Me : Answered
F1 : cibil ko explain kijea
Me : Answered very well(5 minutes tk bolta rha.....2 din phle hi post kiya thha grade up pe Maine n neeraj sir ne )....c said.... impressive
M3 :tell me about computer software
Me : Answered
M3 : tell me something about gst bill
Me : Answered very well(mjhe lg rha thha....Ab mjhe po bnne se koi nhi rok skta)
M4: what is inflation?
Me : Answered
M4: define mudra bank
Me : Answered
M3:define beta
ME: Answered
M2:define CAPM
ME: Answered
F1: What is accretion and dilution?
ME: Answered
F1 : sir(M1,2,3,4) pankaj Ji to banking knowledge m mahir lgte h.(all smiling)...pankaj tell me about south China sea
ME : Unexpected question....bt Maine pdha thha....answered n c said...hmmm(smiling)
M1 : aap patliputra m rehte h.... patliputra naam kaise pda?
Me : Answered
M2 : very good pankaj...well done...nw u cn go(shake hand)(smiling)
Me : Thank u sir
My interview tym-22 minutes
I m fully satisfied Nd hoping best
Thnx grade up n my dear frndzzzz

Mr. X : "Mine was panel two 8 am reporting. They are very punctual. 8 o clock conference room me le gye and started doc verification.1 biodata original and 4 copies. Oneset self attested. Take call letter and id copy plus one extra photograph with u. Original check kare and then biometrics.we have to give our thumb impression on the gd form also.(plz note k inkpad wale thumb impression se phle biometric krwana coz aaj kch logo ka problem hua tha .... biometrics accept ni kia and unhe gd interview nahi dene dia). After dat v went for gd and then interview. Gd round me ek new addition tha. After gd they gave us 8 managerial skills on a printed paper. Hm logo ko individually un skills ko 1 to 8 priority Deni thi. Gave us 5 min for that. Uske baad 1st candidate se pucha k 1st kya hona chahye. Fir sb logo ko mil k decide krna tha k wo point 1st hona chahye ya nahi. Wat shud b 1st point nd so on till 8th skill. Gd round completed.language Hinglish, english, Hindi anything.
After that interview. Gd ka panel different or interview ka alag. 5 person for interview n two in gd panel. My nmber was last n my interview was over at around one I clock."

Mr. Y: SBI PO GD-Interview

GD consist of two activities. First is discussion on topic given by Panel and Second is Prioritisation. In this a form will be given to you which says A good manager should have following skills(Leadership skill, communication, interpersonal, conflict management etc). You have to give priority to each skill means 1 to 8. Where 1 means top and 8 means least. Then 15 min. will be given to discuss this with other members to come to a joint consensus and then give priority according to the consensus. In this you actually have to convince to others why particular skill should be on top priority and so on.

GD Topic- Medals won by India in Olympics are by chance or by scientific training?
(5 min. to think and 20 min. to discuss) No sequential pattern, anybody can speak at anytime.

PI: 5 panel members
No banking terms and other facts and figures. Only about your background(Like from where you have done college and why, family, why bank etc). In addition they are asking about current happening like: Brexit, Baluchistan etc.)

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