SBI PO & Bank Of Baroda – GD & Interview Experience – 2018

SBI GD & Interview Experience 2018

SBI GD & PO Interview Experience – 2018

These are the Interview & GD experiences of our students who appeared in SBI PO Interview commencing 24th September 2018, 26th September 2018.

Date 26th September 2018

Participant 1 [26/09, 17:28] :

GD Topic: Does India have a future in sports other than Cricket.

It was in starting an open GD then in last we were supposed to sum up individually.

GE topic was Meditation and it's benefits to be prioritised.

They asked all to do it in 5 to 10 mins time.

After that they asked all to give the first parameter. Those with odd answers were supposed to explain.

Then same happened with the second priority. And directly we jumped to last priority.

And it was over.

Participant 1:[26/09, 17:28] : Coming to the interview.

-First uestion they started was of commerce. As I am of commerce background, asked what all subjects I have been through.

- Then asked about BEP it's formula, contribution what it means.

- Company minimum share holders, maximum members, ghost company, definition of company.

- Then they came to the topic of cars as I had written it as my passion.

- What all cars I am looking to buy and all..

By this time 15 mins was over. And I was asked to leave 

Participant 2: [26/09, 18:12] Divya Singh: 

GD topic was Can India become Economic superpower in 10 years

-Yes sir, done with the interview

- They asked me to introduce myself,

- Then asked about inflation, WPI, CPI,

-  Why I want to come into banking

- Then they asked  1-2 personal questions

That's it

Participants 3 :[26/09, 18:33] - Ashish Tiwari:

GD Topic was: what is worse for India corruption and unemployment?

Gd was very good.

GE topic was: What is the advantage of Swadeshi, options were:

  1. Increase in employment.
  2. Increase in domestic production.
  3. Increase in trade deficit.
  4. Increase in domestic infrastructure.
  5. Increase in gdp.
  6. Low dependency of foreign countries.
  7. Increase in patriotism.
  8. I dont remember.

GE was good we all discussed the topic nicely.

Then came PI:

M1. Introduction.

M2. My father is an agricultural scientist,I was totally prepared about every question they could ask.

                Nd den they picked everything about agriculture.

M2. Indian production in agriculture is sufficient or not? What you think.

Q2. How to make irrigation effective?

Q3. What has Modi government done for this?

Q4. How to save water?

That was all about pi.

Though i gave very good points but i am not sure about what they are thinking about me.

Rakesh Khare: Thanks for sharing the interview experience

Date 24th September 2018
Participant One
[24/09, 14:12] Yuvraj Suryavanshi:
GD : 11 persons at a time
Topic-1 : Should commercial banks be merged?
GE : Prioritize the given measures which can be used to curb garbage problem

Interview : 10 mins
Questions mainly from graduation subject.
1-2 banking questions
[24/09, 14:13] ‪A D: Banking m kya?

[24/09, 15:24] Yuvraj Suryavanshi: They asked me 7 questions
- 2 related to high school maths
- 4 related to civil engineering and

- 1 question : The challenges in banking sector other than NPAs

[24/09, 15:24] Yuvraj Suryavanshi: 10 min se zada kisi ko nhi bitha rhe

Participant 2: Mr Vinay Balu
[24/09, 14:15] Divya Singh: GD was structured or what?
[24/09, 14:15] Vinay Balu: No. Open discussion
[24/09, 14:16]Divya Singh: Did they ask you to conclude? Or it was on the group?
[24/09, 14:32] Vinay Balu: Yes
[24/09, 14:32] Vinay Balu: But we can't reach At conclusion Neither in gd Nor on ge
[24/09, 14:37] Ashish Tiwari: Vinay sabko mauka mila gd mei bolne ka ya fish market ban gaya tha?
[24/09, 15:08] Vinay Balu: Nope No fish market. Everyone was decent in my group. : I don't know about others
[24/09, 15:12] Vinay Balu: Entire gd lasted 20 min
[24/09, 15:12] Ashish Tiwari: Ek panel mei kitne bacche the?
[24/09, 15:13] Vinay Balu: 11
[24/09, 15:20] Vinay Balu: They'll start from graduation questions
[24/09, 15:21] Vinay Balu: Then mostly about hobbies and extra curricular
[24/09, 15:21] Vinay Balu: Roles of po
[24/09, 15:22] Vinay Balu: Why banking
[24/09, 15:23] Ashish Tiwari: Bas ho gaya?
[24/09, 15:23] Ashish Tiwari: Itna hi
[24/09, 15:25] Vinay Balu: Deciding factors are gd and written
[24/09, 15:28] Vinay Balu: The gap between interview. Is large

SBI PO GD and interview experience-
Date- 26th September 2018
PANEL- I, 12:30 pm
Location- SBI LHO, Lucknow
Hello friends, here I am done with the most awaited interview and GD session, the SBI PO. So here's my experience-(beware as this is somewhat lengthy). Overall experience for me was above average. Document verification started sharply at 12:30. So candidates of the upcoming days and shifts are required to be present at least 30 minutes before the mentioned time. It went smoothly. No any problem occurred. If there is any correction to be done in the bio data form and you have not done it till the date of the interview, then no need to worry as the members there are very cooperating and helpful. They would do the required corrections for you.
At 2 p.m., we were called inside one of the halls for GD and GE. There were total 11 members in my panel. We all sat around a huge discussion table. After 15 minutes, 2 moderators came inside the hall. One was DGM and another was GM (both retired). They addressed us and started the session with a brief introduction of all of us. The GM at first place clarified that LANGUAGE IS NOT A BARRIER HERE. WE CAN DISCUSS IN EITHER HINDI OR ENGLISH OR HINGLISH. Also he made clear that NO MARKS WILL BE DEDUCTED FOR SPEAKING IN HINDI. One can speak in any language in which he is comfortable with. Then we were given our GD topic "WILL INDIA BECOME AN ECONOMIC SUPERPOWER IN THE NEXT 10 YEARS".
We were given 5 minutes to jot down our points and 20 minutes for the discussion. The starting gone OK but after 5 minutes, 4-5 members became aggressive and violent. I contradicted only 2 times in the whole GD as I was not aware of the prominent facts and figures. Also we did not come to any conclusion finally and our time got exhausted.
(1) Individual location of the house
(2) House in a society
(3) Market location
(4) Hospital and school location
(5) 3 BHK
(6) 2 BHK
(7) Cultural environment
(8) Basic amnesties
We were given 15 minutes to prioritize and give a rank to each. (Also keeping in mind the reason behind it). Then the GE started. Here we needed to come to a team priority too. But as usual the group environment became unpleasant and no one agreed to a definite consensus. All were having their different priorities. In this way GD/GE session concluded and it was quite fun. (Although I was not satisfied with my performance in the GD, GE was good.) After 1 hour, INTERVIEW began. I was the first to go from my Panel. There were 5 members (A pleasant looking lady, another was main amongst them who had my bio data form, 2 almost silent killers who were very good at contradicting and cross questioning and one other who was overall average) I had to introduce myself first. 
M1): You did engineering then why banking? (as expected)
Me): Sir banking sector is the base of an economy. There are lot more reasons to be in banking sector. It provides ample growth and opportunities to an individual. It provides better job security, name and fame in the society. One can become an MD/chairman from the PO. I cited some of the examples like Arundhati bhattacharya, Anshula kant, Rajnish Kumar). 
M1 (cross-questioning): There are lot more people, why not everyone becomes a CHAIRMAN or MD? Why only Arundhati Bhattacharya acheived that peak among her colleagues?
Me): As every individual is different, so his/her calibre and potential. It the capacity and potential that leads one to a peak.
M2): How do you prepare General Awareness?
Me): referring to various sites and newspapers.
M2): Tell me something big that was in news 4 days ago.
Me): I told him about the merger of BOB with Dena bank and Vijya Bank. And one more news that Aadhar is not mandatory now for bank accounts.
M2): (contradicting)- that Aadhar news is not that old. It was in today's newspaper.
I was silent.
M3): Tell me some world class currencies.
Me): (I wondered what he was reffering to) but I replied USD, POUND, Euro (he denied euro), Chinese Renminbi.
Lady): she asked me various questions related to my stream that I answered well and she was convinced too.
M3): did some cross questioning on my core subjects.
M4): tell me something about "beti bachao beti padhao".
Me): I did not recall the main points so just told him that it was started by our PM and is a scheme for the welfare and education of the girl child. (Too dumb of me).
M1): Have you ever visited a bank branch?
Me): yes sir. SBI and PNB.
M1): which was better and was good at handling and convincing the customers. Describe the difference between their environment.
Me): (it was so typical for me to describe this) yet I described it in my own way and points. They were not fully convinced.
M2): What are the emerging challenges for the banking sector?
Me): Bad loans (NPA).
M2): Have u heared about the Mehta committee?
Me): yes sir. Sunil Mehta committee.
M2): what is it for?
Me) It is for curbing the bad loans ranging from 0 to 500 crores.
M2): It is based on several postulates. Name them.
Me): I did not recall them. So I said sorry to him.
M4): Ever heard our MODI JI giving a speech?
Me): yes sir.
M4): Tell me one or two lines in his tone and body language how he addresses the audience.
Me): I was completely unable to do that. I was feeling so stupid. The lady noticed my uneasiness. She smiled and told that it was fine and I can leave now.
Overall experience was just alright. The day was very exhaustive. They are providing every candidate a pack of snacks (consisting samosa, ketchup, pakodi, mayonnaise sandwich and a rasgulla) So this was very good of SBI still not enough for those 5-6 hectic hours. So all of you are required to take some dry snack with u for munching in free time.
That was all. Thanks
( Source: Bankers Adda)

Bank of Baroda GD & Interview Experience 2018

BOB PO GD & Interview Experience 2018

Participant 1: [10/09, 13:06] Ashish Tiwari:
Gd topic for BOB 1st shift.
Causes of Increase in oil prices and its consequences on Economy

Participant 2:[10/09, 13:09] Yuvraj Suryavanshi:
GD topic : Merger of PSBS - Group of 7 people

Participant 1 &  Did not recall Interview questions hence not given here

Participant 3: [10/09, 13:09] Neha B Yadav
GD TOPIC: My topic was loan waiver for Farmers , is it good or bad.
Neha Yadav: Subject related hi puche 3-4 question, aur  1-2 personal question.
: Nri ,pio,5 ps of marketing
: Tell me about your self, what your Bother sister are doing
: What is criteria for nri
: What is pio
: What are 5 ps of marketing
: Bas Jada nahi pucha

Participant 4: [11/09, 14:36] Divya Singh:

Gd topic was making Aadhar linking mandatory is good or bad
[11/09, 17:35] Divya Singh: Sir, I was asked
- what is NBFC,
- regulatory body of nbfc, 
- lassiez fairre, 
- harrod domar model of growth, 
- supply chain management
 Divya Singh: No personal questions
 Divya Singh: Introduction
 Divya Singh: What is your Strength
Divya Singh: Work ex related questions
[11/09, 17:36] ‪Shivam: Lassie fairre, Harrod domar ......apki field se related h kya ???
[11/09, 17:37] Divya Singh: Eco
[11/09, 17:37] Divya Singh: Usi k questions h ye
[11/09, 17:37] Divya Singh: Adam smith etc ka bhi pucha
Sir, I couldn't remember harrod domar model of growth, I answered rest of them

Divya Singh: My background is eco + mba in rural development
Divya Singh: That's why they asked me supply chain management n all
Divya Singh: They also asked me what is forestry
Divya Singh: All of these were my subjects
Sir nbfc  definition 
Nbfc accept time deposit like fixed deposit & recurring deposit
Nbfc follow interest rate known as Benchmark prime lending rate .
Nbfc regulated by RBI .

Participant 5: [11/09, 15:19] Ashish Tiwari
[11/09, 15:19] Rakesh Khare: What was your topic
[11/09, 15:22] Ashish Tiwari: Sir divya and Me were In the same group.Topic was aadhar.
[11/09, 19:58] Ashish Tiwari: Sir i was asked initially a question which i myself cud not remember. Then he asked me what was the first private bank?
As far as i knew i said bank of benis which was established in 11th century.
Then he asked Indian.
I said bank of Hindustan in 1770.
He said no.
Den i said allahabad bank.
He said i want private banks.
Den i said sorry sir i dun know.
Then he himself said bank of Calcutta.
Then i came to know about he is talking about presidency banks.
After that I told him the history of every presidency bank.
He said u shud focus on history.
I said i was confused wat u r talking abt i thought u r talking abt at international level, that why i said bank of benis that was of Italy in 11th century.
Sir bt still if we talk about Indian latest bank.
That was bank of Hindustan in 1770.
[11/09, 20:02] Ashish Tiwari: I m i wrong sir? Plz correct me.
[11/09, 20:34] Shivam: Sir can these question be asked from a non economic background person, as we are supposed to know economy????
[11/09, 20:35] Divya Singh: No, just the banking ones NBFC

Participant  6:  [11/09, 13:03] Abhilekh Singh: BOB GD Experience:


Rules(As explained by Panel)-

  1. Interruption is not allowed.
  2. GD will be conducted in 2 rounds.

In round 1, every 1 will get some time to speak.

In round 2, there will be open discussion, but if someone is speaking he/she should not be interrupted.

  1. No extra marks for initiation or conclusion.

Every1 got chance to speak, even the panel sometimes allowed few candidates to speak as they were not able to initiate.


[13/09, 13:06] Abhilekh Singh: GD topic: should banks focus on Profit or Social Development.

[13/09, 13:19] Abhilekh Singh: Interview:Panel was very frndly.

(4 Male, 1 Female member.)

I wished them as I entered the room, they asked me to sit.

Questions asked in Interview:

  1. Q) Tell me about yourself?
  2. Q) Why you left your previous job?
  3. Q) How can you use ur knowledge in bank?
  4. Q) what is MCLR?
  5. Q) What is current MCLR of BOB?
  6. Q) Different types of loan provided by BOB?
  7. Q) 1 question related to IPO.
  8. Q) what is motherboard?
  9. Q) what is CUP?
  10. Q) difference between wireless n mobile.
  11. Q) what is Snapdragon?
  12. Q) Meaning of my Name.(it was last question)

I m not able to recall 1 question, I gave the wrong answer for it n they corrected me.

Then they said ok u can go now.

Wished them n left the room.

Participant 7: [12/09, 14:08] Deepa:
[12/09, 14:09] Deepa: GD n interview was ok
[12/09, 14:09] Deepa: GD topic adhaar should b mandatory or not
[12/09, 14:09] Deepa: interview lasted for 5-6 mint
[12/09, 14:09] Deepa: asked about myself
[12/09, 14:09] Deepa: what does ur father do
[12/09, 14:09] Deepa: what is cash book
[12/09, 14:10] Deepa: what are accounting standards
[12/09, 14:10] Deepa: what are they
[12/09, 14:10] Deepa: how many types of accounts are there
[12/09, 14:10] Deepa: tell in detail
[12/09, 14:10] Deepa: if u deposit cash in ur account how will u mark in ur n bank book
[12/09, 14:10] Deepa: what is phishing
[12/09, 14:11] Deepa: what are find based n non fund based lending
[12/09, 14:11] Deepa: do u have account in bank
[12/09, 14:11] Deepa: which bank
[12/09, 14:11] Deepa: what facilities u avail
[12/09, 14:11] Deepa: what are alternate service  of bank

These experiences are given by my students after their Interview of BOB.

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