Group Discussion Topics for SBI, BOB & IBPS PO Exams – 2018

Group Discussion Topics
  • What is worse for India Corruption and Unemployment?
  • What is the advantage of Swadeshi?
  • Can India become Economic superpower in 10 years?
  • Does India have a future in sports other than Cricket.
  • Meditation and it's benefits to be prioritised.
  • Should commercial banks be merged?
  • What are the measures which can be used to curb garbage problem?
  • The challenges in banking sector other than NPAs
  • Causes of Increase in oil prices and its consequences on Economy
  • Loan waiver for Farmers , is it good or bad.
  • Making Aadhar linking mandatory is good or bad.
  • Should banks focus on Profit or Social Development.
  •  Global Trade War

-          Present interest rate scenario

- Jandhan, Mudra, Swatch Bharat Abhiyan, ADHAR linking, Digital banking push over, GST the effects & opportunities & relevance in today’s banking in relation to profitability & capital Adequacy!

- Wage Code Bill, NCLT, Bankruptcy Bill, Haircuts, New Provisioning Norms,

- Capital account deficits & its effects on Economy & Banking!

- How to promote Export Sectors & Priority Sectors advances in banks! Do you think those sectors are profitable —— Merits & Demerits!

- Team building is a cultural epitome & also a growing necessity of PSU banks to attract & to provide better & efficient services to the customers! Team Building is essential for our survival in the present context of banking in India - your observations!

- Banking is a team game! What is your opinion about Group Incentives vis a vis Personal Incentives? Which one will enhance the Profitability of the bank as well as accelerate the team building concept for Real Growth!

- How to intensify the cultural necessity for increasing the Job knowledge, Business appetite & owning responsibilities in your work place?

-  Why delegated authorities are not being used across the hierarchy & it’s ramifications in business Growth & Compliance? Suggest the remedies!

- NPA is more of a cultural degeneration rather than a systemic failure. —- Your comments! “Compliance First Then Business“ is now our corporate mantra! What will be the repercussions in terms of maintaining TAT as well as in maintaining market share of the branch in your operating areas!

- Frauds of internal & external in nature are on rise! What is your suggestion to contain this trend & what kind of initiatives you suggests for Vigilance, Audit, & IR departments to clean up the working environment in banks!

-  Core businesses are taking back seats & other businesses (Fee based, Third party products) are taking front seats in PSU banks! Do you think it is an aberration or it the necessity of the time?

- KYC, Credit Risk, Market Risk , Different Terminologies in Foreign Exchange, Mark to Market, Overnight Placements, Bit Coins, Cloud Computing, Ever greening of advances, Buyers Credit, Hybrid Capital, Blind Investment, Artificial Intelligence, Shadow Recovery etc.

- Mergers, Amalgamation, Take Overs etc.


Above are some of the topics for Group Discussion and Group Excercise,

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